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You may already be used to using SkyScanner to find the cheapest flights to Geneva for your short ski breaks.

Geneva is a real hub for ski weekends and midweek ski breaks in the Northen Alps, given it is only an hour transfer to many great resorts, ours included.

However, did you know you might be missing a trick when it comes to finding the cheapest flights for your skiing holiday, or any other holiday for that matter?

If you have specific dates and airports in mind, this trick won’t help. However, if you have some flexibility with your dates or you’re looking for the cheapest flights over a certain period of time, then this tip can really make a huge difference.

You probably already know that in addition to entering fixed dates in the SkyScanner search bar, in the ‘Depart’ and ‘Return’ fields, you can also choose a whole month for both parts of your trip.

You then see a whole range of prices for the entire month.

Yet do not take these flight prices at face value!! You are not seeing the full picture at that point.

When you first look at the prices for the month, some of the return flights might be showing up as several hundred pounds, and you would normally click away thinking they’re just too expensive.

Whereas, if at this point you click on a set date for departure on the monthly calendar, you will see that some of the return flight prices might suddenly change to well below a hundred pounds.

This is when you truly get to see the cheapest flights available!!

In the screenshot above, a return on Wednesday 17th January is showing up as £294.

Though when you click on 12th January as your departure date, the return price on the 17th has now changed to only £26 – a difference of £268!

Suddenly that seems a whole lot more affordable, but you would have balked if you had just seen the original price on its own.

So if you can be flexible – for example, if you’re wanting to book a ski weekend break with Ski Weekender and you can go any weekend in January – you can click on one of the Thursday departure dates and instantly see what the flight price is for the following Monday.

You can keep doing that with different dates until you find the best possible weekend price that works for you.

Though do please check availability with us before booking your flights!! Our availability can change suddenly at any time due to the number of bookings coming in, and we would hate you to miss out.

We hope that helps, and that you can grab a bargain next time you’re flying out for one of our short ski breaks in the future.

If you are interested in a short ski break, please check out the various options on our website, or contact us for further information. We can provide details on all aspects of your holiday, and are happy to discuss your requirements and offer suggestions.