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Coronavirus Ski Holiday Information

(Updated 13th Nov 2020)

Welcome to our dedicated section for Coronavirus information, and how this may relate to your ski holiday in France this coming winter 2020/21 ski season.

We are very aware that current UK and France lockdowns plus widespread travel restrictions across Europe place a degree of uncertainty on the ability to make future travel plans, and we totally understand your concerns. As such, we want to provide you with information and assistance in order to help you as best as possible in making decisions about your ski short break.

We hope to be able to operate our Ski Season 2020/21, although we know it will be very different and with a limited range of holidays compared to usual.

One consequence of the Covid situation is that we have decided to not operate the Aravis Lodge chalet-hotel for this season. It’s the home and heart of Ski Weekender, but without the full team providing our awesome service, and the exciting buzz of guests sharing in a sociable, convivial atmosphere, it just wasn’t going to provide the same experience. And we don’t want to do things by half…

That’s not to say that we can’t help you enjoy a superb skiing short break this winter (all things permitted). Our resident French team will be there as usual. We have our minibuses at the ready, and our trusted hotel partners will be open, and able to provide their usual warm welcome.

There is a strong commitment from all the ski resorts to open as usual, and they have been working hard to put in place control measures (such as wearing of masks in lift queues or telecabines) and sporting activities in the fresh air are not seen as high risk.

The après-ski scene will see some changes across the Alps, but we feel that’s a small price to pay for the thrill of skiing down a quiet piste with friends!

We appreciate its tricky to plan, and you may have to wait until a little later in the season before it all falls into place and current restrictions are lifted, but rest-assured that we will be ready to react and help you if we can!

We do acknowledge that the situation is going to evolve and change in the coming months, and there are a wide range of scenarios that may come to pass.

We shall endeavour to keep this section updated with regards to the travel restrictions, ski resort information and ultimately how it may affect your ski holiday booking through our Ski Weekender Coronavirus / Covid Policy . We will provide information as best as we can, as we get more clarity on the situation for the period from Decemeber 2020 to April 2021 – both in the UK and in France…

We will also use this page to present info and updates on what we are doing, and offering to our guests, in order to give you the assurances that we are doing our best in these difficult times.

At any time – if you have any additional concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team on [email protected] and we will be happy to try and help in the best way possible.

Updates From Our Teams in UK & France

Here we will present some info from France and the UK, including thoughts on the current situation as we see it “from the ground”.

Our Hopes and Fears
What we may realistically expect from the Ski Season in France
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10 Top Tips for skiing in France
How best to Ski after Lockdown in France
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Helping You to Get Skiing in 2020/21

We need to enter into Ski Season 2020/21 with a realistic approach, ensuring we are all aware of the risks that planning international travel entails in this new Covid world.

Please ensure you read our Coronavirus & Booking Policy.

We have also tried to answer as many of your questions in an open and honest way with regards to next season in our “What Ifs” section…
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Useful Resources for Coronavirus Travel

With lots of rumours and fake-news floating around, it’s always important to know where to find the best official advice and regulations.

We have compiled a list of official sources, which we ourselves will be using to inform any of our key decisions.

Here you can find links to some highly valuable resources that are continually kept updated by official sources.
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